Installing a Well at Your Place of Business? How to Choose the Right Pump

Having a well on-site at your place of business has many benefits. Chief among those benefits is the fact that once you install the well, you'll experience a certain independence that comes from knowing you have a personal water supply which doesn't depend on outside sources. Before you can get the well up and running, you need to decide which type of pump is going to be the best choice. Here are some tips that can help you figure out which type of pump is going to work for your well.

What Is the Depth of Your Well?

When you're planning out your well, you must determine how deep you want it to be. The landscape surrounding the place where the well is going to be placed has a particular topography that you must factor in when making this decision. If the area is very rocky, you might not have the equipment to cut through the hardened material. If this is the case, a shallow well is your only option. Cities and towns with looser soil and less earthy matter beneath the surface provide the perfect place for you to dig a deeper well that extends far into the ground.

After you've calculated the depth of your well, you'll be better able to pick out the ideal well pump. Shallow wells typically work better when you have a pump that is placed outside of the unit in separate well housing. If you're going with a deeper well, a fully submersible pump is most likely going to be a better fit. Deep wells contain more than enough water to cover the submersible pump and this keeps dirt and debris out of the gadget so you won't have to perform as much maintenance.

How Much Water Pressure Do You Need?

You must also consider how much water pressure you're going to need for daily tasks. If you usually take showers at your workspace, you need a pump that's going to have enough jet power to push the water through so you can cleanse yourself. If the water supply will mainly be used for drinking water or when your staff needs to wash their hands, you probably won't need a very high-powered pump and can save a few bucks on the purchase.

Once you've carefully considered these factors, contact a company that specializes in wells, such as Robinson Water Well. They can help choose a pump that will meet the requirements necessary for your business needs.