3 Times To Distribute Promotional Rulers In Your Hardware Store

You can find them in all different sizes and styles, adorn them with your company information, and get them for a fairly inexpensive price. Promotional rulers have been a top marketing item for certain business owners for a really long time. If you plan to get some promotional rulers or measuring instruments for your hardware store, you should know that there are pertinent times when you should hand these items over to customers. Take a look at a few of the most common times to distribute promotional rulers in your hardware store. 

During Tool Demonstrations

Got a cool new tool or piece of equipment that will be demonstrated at your store? This is the perfect time to treat the crowd of onlookers with something they can take home for free. Let customers know they will get something for free if they watch the demonstration, and you will likely garner a lot more attention than you normally would. When the demo is over, hand out the promotional rulers to all those who stuck around to watch and they will not only remember the demo, they will take home something that reminds them of who you are as a company. 

During a Grand Opening Event

Maybe your hardware store is just opening or perhaps you have undergone a major remodel and plan to do a grand reopening event. In either situation, promotional items are always a good idea. Many business owners hand out freebies when customers visit their store for the first time or for the first time after a remodel. It is such a common practice that some consumers go to these events specifically for the freebies, prizes, and special opportunities. Handing the rulers to the customers is a nice way to show your gratitude for them supporting your place of business. 

During a Sales Event 

Hosting a sales event in your store is an easy way to get people interested in not just what is on sale, but everything else you have to offer as well. If you are planning an upcoming sales event, whether it is for the holidays or something else, it is almost always a good idea to give your patrons something to make their shopping experience even more rewarding. During these events, you can advertise that every shopper will get a free item with their purchase and hand out the promotional rulers at the registers as people check out.