2 Ways to Keep Your Office Environment Healthier

As a business owner, you want your business to be successful, and this relies a great deal upon the health and safety of your employees. Your employees dedicate their time and energy to building your business, and when you don't take care of them they cannot take care of your business. Here are two additional ways you can take care of your employees while they are at work to ensure their safety and physical and mental health.

Maintain Fire Extinguishers

Although keeping and maintaining fire extinguishers in your office building is required with existing safety building codes, doing so is also necessary for keeping your employees safe in the case of a fire event. Your employees visually see the fire extinguishers throughout your building and can feel a sense of security having them in place and maintained properly.

Be sure you check your fire extinguishers on a regular basis, which you can hire a professional fire extinguisher service to complete properly for you. The frequency that you have your extinguishers inspected depends on the type of extinguisher they are.

Some extinguishers are disposable and cannot be recharged, but they need to be checked to make sure they still have pressure as indicated by their exterior gauge. When they are at the end of their life they need to be replaced. Other rechargeable fire extinguishers need to be checked a couple of times a year, and then they should be inspected every few years or as indicated by their label. These can be emptied, refilled, and recharged as needed. And as your fire extinguisher professional checks and services your fire extinguisher system, they will keep a log of this work on the tag on each unit.

If you have additional questions about fire extinguisher services, find out more here.

Keep Live Potted Plants

Potted plants in any environment change the energy of the room and can do the same for your office environment. Plants located throughout your office can improve the air within the building. Plants remove toxins from the air to make the air cleaner, and they add moisture to the air, which can reduce air dryness and the irritating effects that dry air has on your employees' breathing. And live plants will actually increase the oxygen levels in your office as they pull carbon dioxide from the air.

In addition to improving the air, live office plants can improve the focus of your employees to increase their attentiveness. And plants can increase the physical health of your employees by reducing the occurrence of colds, headaches, coughs, flu-like symptoms, sore throats, and fatigue.