5 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Your Branded Content Campaign

Branded content could work wonders for your company's marketing regime, but it's not going to work if you don't do it right.

Unfortunately, branded content is still a somewhat newly developing thing so that some business owners haven't yet mastered it. This means they make significant mistakes that detract from the ROI branded content campaigns bring. You can maximize the success of your content marketing campaign by avoiding the following five mistakes. 

1. Failing to optimize content for the particular network it's used on

Each social media network and channel is different. To create content for a particular network, you need to gain a familiarity with what's expected on that network.

Social media site users tend to have particular expectations and preferences. Make sure you're not sloppily re-purposing your website content for social media pages without doing any appropriate formatting and optimization. 

2. Not taking the time to add some personalized touches

Internet users these days are becoming increasingly accustomed to personalization. If you don't take into account the unique characteristics of individual audience members when offering branded content, you may not hold their attention for very long. Try to automate your content production practices so that your content is aimed at individual users rather than sent out for mass exposure.

3. Only relying on predictable content creators

Content consumers will show a better response if you're offering something that's unexpected and really catches the eye. Predictable, boring content will typically get passed over. Work with non-traditional content ideas from creative minds. This way, you'll maximize your chances of sticking out to the viewer and leaving a lasting impression in the viewer's mind.

4. Creating content and imagery that looks a little too polished

The appeal of images and content that hasn't been edited to perfection is growing. People prefer content that looks approachable and real rather than flawless and dull. Create content that focuses more on relating to the viewer as opposed to impressing or intimidating the viewer. 

5. Neglecting to take advantage of the potentials of video content

A lot of marketers and business owners feel intimidated about offering video content for a variety of reasons. First off, having the technology and software to create and edit videos might require some additional investment. Also, some marketers feel too shy to get in front of a camera.

However, video shows a lot of potential for most companies and tends to get a good response. These days, a lot of people would far rather watch a video than read a blog article.  For your branded content campaign to be complete, you need to include video.