How To Use Greeting Cards To Stand Out To Your Customers

Greeting cards are a great way to reach out to customers and develop brand loyalty. Normally, when you receive a greeting card, you associate it with a friend or family member showing that they care. However, when a business sends a greeting card, this action helps strengthen the relationship between the business and the recipient. While your customers are likely tired of junk mail, they usually feel special when they receive a card in the mail. 

The Benefits of Hand-Drawn Cards

If you are considering purchasing hand-drawn greeting cards, you should reconsider using hand-drawn greeting cards rather than relying on manufactured greeting cards. Normally, greeting card companies try to achieve something that is known as a universal specific. This is a concept that is widely known but feels artificially personal. 

The best time to start designing greeting cards is as early as possible. It's possible to create a good greeting card in an hour or so with a great design, but you will also want to leave plenty of time to send the card. 

Grabbing Your Customer's Attention

The upper-third of the card is the most important part. This is the portion of the card that the recipient will see first. For this reason, the most eye-catching part of your greeting card will need to be located here. 

Make sure that the message for your card is easy to understand. If it takes more than a few seconds for the audience to understand the purpose of the card, consider redesigning it. If you are sending a themed card, it should be obvious immediately. 

Creating the Perfect Card

If you are not experienced with designing greeting cards, you will want to take your time. If your greeting cards are not highly professional, this will not reflect well on your company. If you would like to add your own personal touch, request that space be left for you to sign each card. By doing so, you'll be able to show that you have given each card your own personal attention. Include a message that would be unique to the specific customer. 

When you want to take your cards to the next level, consider creating multiple versions of a greeting card. Then, you can select the version that you believe will fit the best for a particular situation. Each time you design a card, you will learn something new and will be able to improve on the next one.