Why Take A Reiki Class As Part Of Your Massage Career?

When you work in massage, your goal is to provide your clients with the best experience. This means you always have to stay on top of trends in massage therapy and alternative medicine so you're able to address the ongoing needs of your clients.

Reiki is a form of alternative healing that uses touch in specific areas to bring a fullness and sense of well-being to the body and mind. This type of massage therapy is focused more on specific touch than actual tissue massage and is a great addition to your list of knowledge for practice.

Simply studying the honored art of Reiki can help improve your massage therapist career. Learn why you should take a Reiki class so you can make yourself a more successful massage therapist.

You learn a niche art

Not a lot of people practice Reiki as part of their massage therapy because the art is somewhat new-age in its application. However, including this service in your list of other more common massage therapy practices, such as hot rock Swedish massage, and deep tissue therapy, can  help you bring in a new type of client base. When you take classes, make sure you choose a class that allows for many hands-on experiences so you fully learn the art of Reiki and how to safely apply it to your clients.

You stand out among competitors

If there are many practicing massage therapists in your area, you have to do what you can to make your own services stand out. You do this already by having unique scheduling hours and fair rates, but broadening what you have to offer will be the best way to make yourself stand out among your competitors. Call around to see what other massage therapists offer in their practices and you'll find very few — if any — offer Reiki as part of their list of services.

Adding Reiki to your practice will give you the edge you need to bring in more clients. You can decide how much to charge for this service based on how popular the service is once you've offered it to clients after completing your course.

Reiki is an art form in massage that can be beneficial to you. You'll learn something new that is applicable to many of your current clients. You can even practice Reiki on yourself for greater mind and body balance to give you a healthier life.