Commercial Laundromat Equipment That No Laundromat Can Be Without

When you think of commercial laundromats, you probably think of coin-operated washing machines and dryers. While that is certainly the bulk of the equipment in any laundromat, there is a lot more equipment you will need and cannot do without if you expect your laundromat to make money for you. Here are some other pieces of laundromat equipment in which you should invest and install in your laundromat.

Bill Changer/Change Dispenser

People these days do not wander about with rolls of quarters in their pockets. It is just not convenient or reasonable. Hence, you need machines that can convert one dollar, five dollar, and ten dollar bills into quarters. Customers can insert a bill and have it instantly converted into quarters for the washers and dryers. These machines are typically installed in a wall, and you will have to regularly fill them with a sufficient amount of quarters. Laundromat owners usually fill the change machines at the same time they have collected the quarters from all of the coin holders on the washers and dryers. 

Laundry Soap and Softener Dispenser

You might have done this yourself once or twice; get to the laundromat and realize that you forgot your soap or laundry softener. It is a forehead-slapping moment to be sure, but for your customers, you can fix that. Offer them the opportunity to purchase small boxes of powdered detergent and packets of softener dryer sheets from a special machine dispenser. It is another way to make a little extra money from your laundromat while providing an added service and convenience to customers who left their laundry cleaning products at home.

Snack and/or Drink Machines

People end up at a laundromat for several hours. They do not like having to wait to get something to eat, but they also cannot leave their laundry behind and just let the laundry take up space. (There is also the odd and occasional laundry theft for people who leave their clothes unattended, so that is one more reason to stay at the facility while waiting for clothes to finish washing and drying.) To make the situation more positive for your hungry and thirsty customers, put a snack machine and a drink machine in the laundromat. Customers can use their extra laundry quarters to purchase beverages and snacks from the vending machines. You make extra money because of it.

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