Four Ideas For Custom Letter Art For Your Child's Room

If you are looking for a unique, customized decoration for your child's walls, consider creating some custom letter art. You can decorate a large letter that is their first initial, hanging it on the wall for a fun and whimsical touch. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to guide you as you decorate that letter.

1. Use photos of your child at different ages.

One option is to collect a bunch of printed photos of your child at different stages of life, and glue them all to the letter. Make sure most are small in size so you can maneuver them into different patterns and arrangements. You could start with the oldest baby photos in one corner of the letter and progress to more recent photos in the opposite corner -- or you could just scatter them randomly over the letter.

2. Use photos of things your child loves.

If your child is old enough to have interests of their own, collect photos that represent those interests. For instance, if they love dogs and playing the flute, you could print out attractive images of dogs and flute players, and then decorate the letter with those images. Consider including a few printed words in this decorating scheme, too. For instance, tiny printed words that say "I love my puppy" would be a nice addition for a dog-loving child.

3. Use photos of people you know and love.

Another option is to decorate the letter with pictures your child knows and loves. For instance, you could include an image of each of their siblings, pictures of each aunt or uncle, and pictures of their grandparents. This has an added advantage: you can look at the various pictures with your child and talk about these loved ones. 

4. Use random color patches.

If you want a less-busy look, another option is to not use pictures at all and instead choose patches of different colors and patterns. You could even go for a monochromatic look. For instance, choose patches in many different shades of blue, and put them all onto the letter like a collage. This idea works well in rooms with more minimalist decor.

The possibilities are endless when creating custom letter art for your child's room! If you really enjoy decorating their first initial, next you can move on to doing their middle and last initials in the same style. For more ideas and information, contact companies like Letters From the Cape.