Signs You Need A New Gear Cutting Machine

In the process of making gears of various sizes and thicknesses, you need a quality gear cutting machine. The gear cutting machine is responsible for shaping and creating gears for a variety of uses, from automobile design to machinery building.

You use several gear cutting machines as part of your business and make sure to keep them maintained properly so each gear produced is of high quality and durability. When the machine begins to wear out, gears become damaged in the creation process, which leads to faulty production and costs you lots of money. Here are signs you need a new gear cutting machine.

Slow production

Gear cutting machines, particularly those used in large production, have to work swiftly to keep the production line moving strongly. If any of your gear cutting machines are operating slower than usual, the production process keeps getting halted or backed up, leading to mistakes and slowly-filled orders.

You should be able to track how fast your gear cutting machines are working by calculating output per minute or hour. If this input changes rapidly and you haven't introduced new metals or designs into your gear cutting machinery, it's time to consider replacing slower-working units.

Limited abilities

Your gear cutting machinery should be able to cut and produce gears from various metal types. If your gear cutting machines can't produce a certain size or style of gear or struggle with heavier metals, consider upgrading to newer models with greater versatility. You'll be able to increase your gear cutting output while meeting client demands when you invest in better-quality machinery, which in turn helps your business grow.

Multiple repairs

It's common to have to repair some machinery in your production business, particularly when you use units on a regular basis. Keeping your gear cutting machines in great condition involves making repairs to pulleys, belts, and gears from time to time, along with regular inspections. However, if you are putting a lot of money into repairing older machines, then you're better off investing your funds in a more reliable, newer unit instead.

Replace any dated or overworked gear cutting machines with newer models, even if you purchase used equipment. Your machinery specialist will help you select new gear cutting machinery that work with your budget and factory needs. The right gear cutting machines will keep your business in healthier production longer, and help you save money in the long run by cutting operation costs and increasing production.