3 Ways To Minimize Stress For A Long-Distance Move With Cats

When you own several cats, you may not worry too much about the idea of moving locally because you can go on a quick drive to deliver your cats to the new home. However, you may be planning a long-distance move, which brings about an entirely different situation for your cats.

To avoid any issues with your cats during the move, you should find out all the ways that you can keep their stress to a minimum and invest in help from movers for certain services.

1. Packing Process

If you like to organize your home often and change out decorations throughout the year, your cats may be used to furniture and boxes getting moved around on occasion. But, disassembling furniture and taking down a lot of the items in your home will be out of the ordinary.

An effective way to avoid disturbing your cats while packing for a move is to keep their furniture and toys in the same place. If you know that they like to relax on your furniture throughout the house, you may want to wait until the move gets closer before you start disassembling pieces.

2. Moving Day

The day of the move is when you will have to make a lot of noise because you will be moving furniture and boxes around and eventually into a moving truck. Although you could try renting a truck and driving on your own, you will benefit from hiring movers to handle this responsibility.

A moving truck's cabin may not have enough space to fit sizeable carriers for your cats. Before you start loading up the truck, you should consider emptying out a room that is far away from the living room and entrance to the home. Then, you can shut the door and put your cats in this room while you and the movers work on getting everything out of the home and into the truck.

3. Driving

In preparation for the drive, you may want to pick up an extra bag of litter, disposable litter boxes, and calming gel. Giving the gel to your cats on the morning of the move as well as every morning while driving to your new home will help to keep their stress to a minimum. You can put the disposable litter boxes inside their carriers to prevent any accidents from making a mess.

Once you get to your new home, you can begin the process of settling in as a family. Hiring moving services and following these tips will make it easy to handle a long-distance move with your cats.