Water Conditioning Tips For Your Home Office

Maintaining the quality of water in your home office is very essential. That means you must install a water filtration system in your home office to ensure that you get a constant supply of conditioned water. However, maintaining this can be a challenge for many people. Here are a few water conditioning tips for your home office. These tips will help ensure that you have quality water in your office.


It is important to understand that the condensation that you see on your equipment might not be a leak. Therefore, you usually shouldn't be worried in case you see condensation on the plumbing fixtures as well as your water tank, particularly during the summer. The cool water in the tank and pipes chills the humid air. The condensed humidity is enough just to drip down or even flood your office floor. But, you need to confirm that there is not an actual leak before you can rest easy.

Salt Bridging

So, what does this mean? Excessive humidity during the summer can cause salt bridging in the brine tank. This happens mostly during periods of low water usage in your office. When salt bridging happens, the salt tends to harden, and it does not drop into the water tank. However, you can easily prevent this. All you need to do is to allow the salt to run down until water starts to appear. But, make sure that you add a salt bag at a time.

Bad Odors

What really causes bad odors in water? It is important to note that bad odors tend to happen during hot seasons. The odors are mostly caused by little organisms, but they are not harmless. These organisms usually grow inside your plumbing fixtures as well as your water tank. However, you can easily prevent this by changing your cartridges regularly. Also, you can add some bleach to the water tank and allow the water to settle for some minutes after you have released the pressure on the water tank. Don't forget to disinfect your system if you have installed a cartridge filter in it. 

Bad Taste

Bad taste can come from the above or from mineral content in your water. A water softener system will help remove excess minerals to make the water taste more neutral.

Stirring up the Sediment

It is important to understand that the more water you use in your office, the higher the chances of sediment stirring up. This tends to make the cartridges to fill up faster than you expect, and it can make the water pressure in your home office to reduce. To deal with this problem, you need to add hose bibs to your plumbing fixtures.