Creating The Right Resume For A Former Entertainment Professional's Career Jump

Freelancers who work in the entertainment industry know making a living can be tough. Earning money between prestigious gigs often comes in the form of food delivery and rideshare work. There isn't anything wrong with making an honest living, but potential employers outside the entertainment world might not like the seemingly sporadic and spotty work history. When circumstances change, and you need a "normal" 9-5 job in a state without a large entertainment industry presence, your resume has to quell concerns. Expert resume writing professionals could craft an impressive document that puts you in a good light.

Timelines Won't Be Enough

Listing your recent previous work history won't likely work when jumping from an atypical entertainment career to something more traditional. Would-be employers often favor someone who remained in the same job for an extended period. A stable career infers the worker performed well. Why would a company retain a poor worker for three years? Freelancers shouldn't feel their job seeking will be for naught. The right resume presentation would promote strengths and deemphasize weaknesses.

Highlighting Achievement

Professionals with a track record for success can be attractive prospects — people who move up a career ladder because they possess exceptional aptitude. Working your way up from production assistant to lead production assistant to 2nd assistant director shows achievement. The skillsets aren't the same ones found in an administrative assistant position, for example. Still, the sequence of jobs shows an ability to accept a progressive increase in responsibilities, which is a definite positive. 

Highlighting Transferable Skills

Go back and review any job you previously held. Try to remember any similar skills from the past matching requirements for a job opening. A little brainstorming may be necessary here. Setting up a resume consultation with a writing service could help the process. The resume consultant may even interview you about your job history. Trying to remember everything on your own might prove difficult. Assistance from a resume pro decreases the odds a crucial transferable skill isn't left out. 

Putting Together a Logical Resume

Since the resume draws from varied career and skill elements, a coherent presentation becomes challenging. The resume must tell a logical story about the industry-jumping applicant's qualifications. Achieving the desired result hinges on the document's clarity. Without previous experience handling this type of resume writing, a writer will struggle. A professional resume writer possesses the self-awareness about his/her work to know if a resume reads well. So, you should work with a pro.

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