Prepare Yourself And Your Teenagers For A Long Distance Move

If you and your teenagers will be moving across the country and have decided to stay at a hotel for the first week in your new town, due to your home's move-in date being pushed back slightly, how will you coordinate the move with a moving company and what can you do to ensure that you and your children will have everything needed to get by during the beginning of the stay in an unfamiliar area?

Decide How To Coordinate The Move

Moving supplies need to be purchased and a moving company should be contacted in advance. You can either purchase a moving supply kit that includes cartons, labels, tape, and markers or you can buy materials through the moving company that you hire. If the moving company offers full-service treatment, supplies may be included with the cost of the labor assistance that you receive.

This means that you should set the packing duties up for the days that lead up to you leaving town. A moving crew will secure all of your items inside of containers and you can request that the possessions are temporarily stored inside of a storage unit until you are ready to have them transported to your new town. An alternative to this would be to pack the items yourself and have a family member meet with the moving crew on the date that you have set aside for the move.

If you do not want to leave your possessions inside your current home and would like to store the items in a separate unit, rent a portable storage pod. This type of container can be set up on your property. As you and your children fill, seal, and label cartons, transport them outdoors and place them in the pod. On moving day, the moving truck can be backed up onto your property and the pod and its contents will be loaded into the cargo area.

Pack Items Needed Immediately

If your children will be starting school soon after your arrival to the new town or if you are going to be starting your new career, clothing and toiletries should be packed separately from the other items that are being moved. Supply yourself and your children with duffel bags or suitcases and request that each person pack enough clothing and accessories to make it through the initial week in the new location. Place all of these essentials in the trunk of your car.