Common Uses For Custom Shipping Cases

Custom cases, particularly those for shipping items around the country, have lots of different uses. In fact, you might find that custom cases can fit just about any shipping need you have. The following examples show some of the common uses for custom shipping cases. 

Gun Cases

Gun dealers who sell guns online have to ship their products all over the place. Since you cannot simply put a gun in a cardboard box and ship it, a gun case that fits around the gun and locks it up safe is necessary. Most customers who buy a gun online and ask for it to be shipped already expect that what they purchased and ordered will be delivered in its own case. It is very unusual for a gun to be delivered to a customer without a case. 

Audio Equipment for Performances

Every concert and every live production you have ever attended requires case after case of audio equipment to set up, take down, and connect or disconnect. When it is not in use on or around a stage, this stuff is in a custom case. All of the big cases are wheeled on and off the trucks that bring the equipment to the next performance location.

In addition to audio equipment being shipped in these cases, stage lighting and sound equipment get their own cases for transport as well. If any special effects equipment, such as fog machines or psychedelic lights, are used for the show, they are packed in special custom cases as well. 

Sewer Scopes

Special scopes, like those used for checking out sewer lines, have to travel in cases. They are far too delicate and costly as instruments not to take every precaution to protect them. The scopes themselves may travel in one case, while the controls and screens or monitors travel in another case. 


Every piece of artwork donated to a gallery or museum, and every piece of artwork that is on loan, has to be very carefully transported. Paintings can easily travel in cases of appropriate dimensions, but other works of art, including porcelain and marble sculptures, require custom molded cases. Every time that piece of artwork travels to another location, it travels in the case that was made just for that piece. 

For more information on custom cases, reach out to a local expert. They can help you design a case that works for your specific needs.