Signs Your Flat Roofing System May Be In Need Of Repair

The majority of commercial roofs are flat. If you own a business with a flat roof, you need to know what the signs are that the roof may need repair, as they vary from the signs that a sloped or residential roof needs repair. If you fail to get a flat roof repaired when these signs are present, it may lead to leaks, which can damage your business equipment and merchandise. Here a few of the signs that your flat roofing system may need repair.

The Roof Has Bubbles or Indents

One of the signs that your flat roof system may be in need of repair is a roof that is bubbling or a roof that is starting to sink in. Flat roofing systems can be covered with different types of membranes, including TPO or vinyl. When water gets under the roofing system, it can lead to the roofing material either bubbling up or it can cause a depression or indentation, causing dips in the roofing system. If you see bubbles or dips on your roof system, this is a tell-tale sign that water is seeping through the roofing material and a repair is needed.

The Roof Has Stains or Discoloration

Another sign that your flat roofing system may be in need of repair is staining and discoloration. A flat roof can become stained or discolored in a number of ways. The sun can hit on one part of your roof and cause fading, sitting water can lead to mildew growth, or the acidity in bird droppings can discolor your roof. If a portion of your roof is stained or discolored, there is a good chance that that portion of your roof is damaged. Sunlight can cause roof membranes to crack, mildew can weaken your membranes, and the acidity of bird droppings can eat through your membrane. Always have the stained or discolored part of your roof inspected for issues.

The Seams on the Roof Are Beginning to Split, Lift or Curl

The last sign that your flat roofing system may be in need of repair is that the seams of the roofing material are beginning to split, lift, or curl. Flat roof membrane systems are made out of large sheets of roofing material. Think about gluing strips of paper down on a box. When the glue is fresh, the edges stay down. But, over time, the edges may begin to lift, curl upwards, or split. This is exactly what happens with these roofing materials, and when that occurs, water can seep in.

Flat roofs are more prone to roofing issues than sloped roofs. As such, you need to be more diligent and know what the signs are that your roof may be in need of repairs. If your flat commercial roof is showing one or more of these signs, contact roof contractors to inspect your roof. They can then determine the condition of your roof and if roof repairs or a new roof are needed to help protect your commercial business and the items stored within your business.

Reach out to a local roof contractor to learn more.