Keep Your Infrastructure Running With The Right IT Technology Services

Today, small businesses are increasingly more reliant on modern technology for infrastructure. Many of these systems are hosted on servers in data centers to reduce costs. These scalable infrastructure solutions can also create challenges to keep your business operations running smoothly. The following IT technology will help keep your systems up and running:

Secure Access to Systems with a Managed VPN

Your business's security is important, but your network may be spread out across multiple physical locations. Today, managed VPN solutions provide businesses with the network security they need. The managed VPN solutions that can help provide access to your networks when you need it include:

  • Secure access for point-to-point network access
  • Firewalls to block known malicious IP traffic
  • IP security standards to keep your business networks secure

A managed VPN solution will help provide your business with network access when you need it. You may need help setting up the virtual private network and security solutions needed for remote access solutions.

Managing VoIP Business Communications Systems

Modern business phone systems are VoIP communications that are often cloud-hosted services. These systems provide scalable solutions and enterprise-tools. The VoIP systems also need maintenance to keep your communications up when you need them. The following VoIP phone systems will help ensure your communication systems are working when you need them.

  • Hosted VoIP phone numbers and extensions
  • Video conferencing and telecommuting solutions
  • Forwarding solutions that send calls to mobile numbers
  • Easy-to-use mobile applications for remote access to phone systems

This management of your phone systems is essential to prevent downtime and lapses in communications. When you need help expanding or scaling your VoIP phone systems, you will want to contact an IT management service.

Authentication Security Solutions to Keep Your Data Safe

Access to business networks and systems is another important area of IT management. The people accessing your systems should be who they say they are. This is what authentication solutions are designed to do. The following authentication solutions can help improve the security of your infrastructure systems:

  • Two-factor authentication for simple access solutions
  • An added layer of security with authentication solutions
  • Maximize business security with biometrics access solutions

These are the authentication solutions that you want for your business. These systems help keep your business secure by keeping the impersonators out.

These things will help keep your infrastructure up and running when you need it the most. Contact a managed IT support service for more information.