Tips for Making Announcements for the Birth of Your Newborn

The birth of your baby will be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you may want to be creative about when announcing the details to family and friends. If you will be signing your newborn up for a photoshoot, some accessories can be utilized that will aid in creating birth announcements. 

A Sign or Custom Clothing

Before your baby is due, purchase a sign or custom clothing that contains your baby's name. If the photographer who will be conducting the photoshoot is open to taking some unique photos that include personalized details, the sign can be laid out in front of your baby or you can dress your newborn in a onesie or shirt that features their name and date of arrival.

Distinct products are also offered through a photo studio owner and these may include coffee mugs, adult-sized clothing, photo albums, and placards that can be designed to highlight a photo of your baby and vital details about their arrival.

Choose some custom gifts for your immediate family members, such as ones that greet them with their new titles of "grandpa" or "grandma" and use a more basic announcement option when choosing what your friends will receive. If many people are going to be receiving announcements from you, stick to one photo product that will be sent to each person. 

A Family Photo and Preparing the Announcements

Plan on sending out birth announcements within a few weeks of giving birth to your child. The photographer who is processing your order will provide you with a timeframe in which you can expect to receive your purchases. Before any custom products are designed, you will need to review the photo proofs and select the ones that you would like to purchase with your package. In the meantime, you can use a digital camera and an online template, to create a family photo that will alert some of your relatives and friends to the new addition.

Once you have settled into your role as a parent, plan how you will exchange birth announcement gifts or cards with the people who are closest to you. For any gift items or cards that will be given to people who live nearby, schedule a time to hand deliver the items. For items and cards that are going to be given to people who live far away, purchase postage and carefully package the items that will be sent out.