Dealing With a Lot of Water? Tips to Keep Your Workers Dry

If your company uses a lot of water to complete tasks, take steps to keep your workers clean and dry. People who wear damp clothing, footwear, and even headgear for long periods of time may experience problems with their skin. Learn how damp clothing affects your workers and how you can keep your staff dry below.

1. Can Damp Gear and Clothing Harm Your Workers?

Although water is critical to your company's success, it can also be a problem for some people. If your workers' clothing and other gear becomes saturated or bogged down with water, it may cause issues for them later. 

Like sweat, water can weaken the surfaces of your employees' skin. The skin on your staff's feet, hands, chests, and other body areas can become chafed, crinkled, and irritated. Infectious organisms, such as yeast and bacteria, can also enter and infect your workers' skin through their damp undergarments. Some organisms and skin conditions thrive in damp environments. To keep your workers free of these conditions, purchase rain gear for them. 

2. Can You Keep Your Workers Dry?

Rain gear isn't just for the rainy season. Ponchos, slickers, and even full cover suits can all keep your staff clean and dry during their daily shifts. The gear comes with several features that block water, including sealed or welded seams. Sealed seams prevent water from penetrating your workers' clothing through the armpits, neckline, and waist area. 

Gear may also come in a variety of waterproof and water-resistant materials, such as PVC and heavy-duty vinyl. The material keeps water from soaking into your workers' clothing and undergarments during rainy or overly damp conditions.

There may be other types of gear you may obtain for your workers, including rain boots and head coverings. Boots can be plastic or rubber, depending on the type, style, and brand. Head coverings, such as hoodies and hats, keep overhead water from soaking into your employees' faces and hair. 

Before you purchase gear for your staff, be sure to obtain a list of each employee's shoe and clothing sizes. Gear may protect your employees better if it fits properly. If needed, contact a provider that offers rain gear for work and ask them for advice. A provider may have a size guide on hand to help you find the right gear for your staff.

Learn more about rain gear for work by contacting a supplier today.