5 Benefits Of Putting Mulch Around The Base Of Your Trees

Mulch plays an important role in keeping the trees in your yard looking great. If you have some trees around your home, you need to understand how mulch will help your trees and why mulching matters.


One of the reasons why mulch is so important, especially to young and developing trees, is because mulch provides your trees with insulation. The mulch helps protect the delicate roots of your trees. When it is really hot outside, mulch will help keep the ground around your tree a little cooler. When it is really cold outside, the mulch will help keep the ground around your trees a little warm. This keeps the temperature of the ground where your tree is planted a little more consistent.

Water Retention

Another reason why mulch is so important is that it helps the soil retain water. When you add mulch around your tree, water will be retained for longer. This will help ensure that the roots of your tree remain moist for a longer period of time. This will help your tree grow and thrive.

Stops Weeds

Another great benefit of putting mulch around your trees is that it will help keep weeds away from the base of your trees. You will find that if you plant new trees and water them on a regular basis, weeds are going to pop up and try to compete with the tree for the water. You want to limit competition for water, and putting mulch around the base of the tree should help keep weeds away and reduce competition for water in the area where your tree is planted.

Protect The Soil

You don't want the soil near your trees to become too compacted. Too much pressure on the soil around your trees will cause the soil to become compacted and hard. When the soil is too compacted, it makes it harder for water to reach the roots. Compaction can also damage the trees roots and prevent them from growing properly. Mulch will help ensure that the soil stays in the best shape possible.

Lawnmower Protection

If you plant trees in your yard and don't put mulch down, grass and weeds are going to grow right next to the base of your tree, requiring you to mow right next to your tree. Even if you are careful, it can be easy to damage your tree with your lawnmower. Putting down mulch will keep the grass and weeds away and will create a natural barrier that will keep you and your lawnmower away from the base of the tree.

Mulch is essential to the development of your young tree. Mulch will help regulate the temperature of the soil and protect the soil from getting too compacted. Mulch will help retain water and keep weeds away. Finally, mulch will help keep your lawnmower away from the base of the tree. 

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